Emory Board of Visitors

Members of the Board of Visitors serve Emory as ambassadors, and they also assist the university in discovering and promoting ways for Emory to integrate its intellectual assets with community aspirations. The board's overall objective is to increase the awareness of Emory in Atlanta and the region and to improve Emory's level of service to society. Traditionally, members of the board represent the top levels of business, professionals, and volunteer leadership.

Current Membership and Programming

Norman M. Brothers Jr. 92L, Chair
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary
United Parcel Service

Murad R. Karimi 15B
Founder and CEO
Mosaic Management

Fran Killeen
Director, Global Community Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company

Stan Little
Chief Experience Officer
United Way Worldwide

Yvonne N. Whitaker
President of NCR Foundation
NCR Corporation

Mr. Charles L. Abney III 93B
Principal Partner
ZWJ Investment Counsel

Mr. Timothy Agnew
Partner, Tax Services Group
Smith & Howard, P.C.

Mr. Ronald E. Alston
Atlanta Market President
Truist Financial

Mrs. Paula C. Andrews
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mohammad Azam
Chief Audit and Compliance Executive
United Parcel Service

Mrs. Diana H. Blair
Blair Investments, Inc.
Blair Furniture

Mrs. Terri S. Block 83Ox 85C
Vice President, Community Relations
Bank of America Corporation

Mr. Stephen Bradshaw
Commissioner, District 4
DeKalb County Commissioner

Mr. Norman M. Brothers, Jr. 92L
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
United Parcel Service

Mr. David J. Burge
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

Mr. Thomas M. Carroll
Homrich & Berg

Mrs. Christine M. Cason 99L
Assistant General Counsel—Trademark and Copyright
Koch Companies

Mr. Kevin R. Custis 96B

Mr. Nikola R. Djuric
The Bowden Spratt Law Firm, P.C.

Ms. Eden D. Doniger 02L
General Counsel, Chief Compliance
BitPay, Inc.

Mr. Taylor M. Fairman 04B
Partner and Director
Cornerstone Partner

Mr. George A. Dusenbury IV 93L
Georgia State Director
The Trust for Public Land

Mr. Roland Fernandes
General Secretary
Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church

Mr. Michael D. Hobbs, Jr.
Troutman Pepper, LLP

Mr. Charles R. Hoke 96B
Director – Private Wealth Management
CIBC Atlantic Trust

Mr. Aaron Hurst
Managing Director
Endeavor Atlanta

Mr. Glen Jackson
Jackson Spalding

Mr. David Jennison
Manager, Customer Experience and Marketing Operations

Dr. Holly E. Jones 08G
Director of Clinical Research
Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Ms. Michelle H. Jordan 92L
Managing Attorney
Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.

Mr. Anil K. Kalicharan
Management Consultant

Mr. Murad R. Karimi 15B
Founder and CEO
Mosaic Management

Mrs. Fran Killeen
Director, Global Community Affairs
The Coca‑Cola Company

Mr. Jae Kim
Augery Square

Ms. J. Lacey Lewis
SVP, Finance
Cox Enterprises

Mr. Stan Little
Chief Experience Officer
United Way Worldwide

Mr. Dennis P. Lockhart
Capital Partners

Mr. Maurice Maxie
Director, Customer Marketing & Site Operations

Mr. Atiba Mbiwan
Executive Director
The Zeist Foundation

Ms. Felicia A. McDade
Director of Sales Municipal and Education Market
Georgia Power

Mr. Edward A. Montag 97B
CEO & Co-Owner
Montag & Associates

Ms. Melissa Mullinax
Chief of Staff
Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Ms. Lisa A. O’Connell
Diversified Trust Co.

Mrs. Ashani O'Mard
Executive Director
Atlanta Affordable Housing Fund

Mrs. Suzanne T. Plybon 86L
Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP

Ms. Stacey Rivers
Director of People Growth and Skills Strategy

Mr. B. Clayton Rolader
Fuqua Capital

Ms. Latresa McLawhornRyan
Executive Director
Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative

Mr. Andrew Saltzman
VP & Chief Revenue Office
Atlanta Hawks

Ms. Jill Savitt
President & CEO
National Center for Civil & Human Rights

Mr. David I. Schulman 94L
Greenberg Traurig

Ms. Margaret A. Stagmeier
Managing Member/Founding Partner

Ms. Katerina Taylor
WorkSource Atlanta

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Verner
Executive Director
The Fraser-Parker Foundation

Mr. Glenn A. Weiss
Northern Trust Corporation

Mr. David R. Werner 09L
Director of State and Local Government Affairs
Delta Airlines

The Rev. Mark A. Westmoreland 82T
Senior Pastor
Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church

Mr. Matt Westmoreland
Councilman, Post 2 At‑Large
Atlanta City Council

Mrs. Yvonne N. Whitaker
Foundation Lead
NCR Foundation

Mr. Peter M. Williams
Head of Community Strategy & Operations

Mr. Robb Willis
Troutman Pepper Strategies

Mrs. Sindy Wilson 10B
Head, Financial Shared Services
Oldcastle Infrastructure

Dr. Kevin E. Woods
Therapeutic GI Endoscopy
Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Thursday, September 24, 2020
Noon to 1 p.m. (Virtual meeting)

The Fight Against Covid-19: Update on Emory’s Response and Collaborations Locally and Globally


Dr. Allison Chamberlain, Director of Rollins Center for Public Health Preparedness and Research Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Carlos del Rio, Executive Associate Dean for Emory at Grady: Distinguished Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases; Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health.

Dr. David Stephens, Vice President of Research in the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center; Chair of the Department of Medicine

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Noon to 1 p.m. (Virtual meeting)

Foundation for the Future: Preview of Emory’s Master Plan

Speaker: Robin Morey - Vice President for Campus Services

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Moral Leadership in Turbulent Times

Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Robert M. Franklin

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Noon to 1 p.m. (virtual meeting)

Goizueta Business School's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and

The John Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition: The intersection of Business and Racial Inequality


Karen Sedatole—Interim Dean, Goizueta Business School

Jill Perry-Smith—Senior Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Goizueta Business School

Willie Sullivan—21MBA

Thursday, February 25, 2021
Noon to 1 p.m. (virtual meeting)

The Affordable Care Act and Its Discontents

Speaker:  Matthew Lawrence, Associate Professor, School of Law

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Noon to 1:30 p.m.

University Update

Speaker: Emory University President Gregory L. Fenves


Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Noon to 1 p.m. (virtual meeting)

Emory’s Sustainability and Climate Initiatives


Ciannat Howett—Associate Vice President, Resilience, Sustainability, and Economic Inclusion

Yang Liu—Chair, Gangarosa Department of Environment Health, Rollins School of Public Health

Historical Membership and Past Programming

The membership of Emory’s Board of Visitors has included some of Atlanta’s most distinguished public figures, including business, civic, and philanthropic leaders, since its inception.

1958–1962 Randolph W. Thrower 34C 36L

1962–1963 Virgil D. Jones 38B

1963–1967 Julius A. McCurdy 24C 26L

1967–1968 James H. Wilson Jr. 40C

1968–1969 W. L. Lee 33C

1969–1970 Marcus Bartlett 39C

1970–1971 William B. Schwartz Jr.

1971–1973 Paul H. Anderson Sr. 38C 40L

1973–1974 Robert Strickland

1974–1975 W. Sam Smith 47B

1975–1976 James M. Vann Jr.

1976–1977 Richard S. Maurer

1977–1978 Robert W. Battle 43C 47G

1978–1979 Samuel E. Hudgins

1979–1980 William H. Izlar Jr.

1980–1981 W. Stell Huie 52C 53L

1981–1982 Charles B. Ginden 55C

1982–1983 Lynn H. Johnston 50Ox 52B

1983–1984 Betty Fuller 47G

1984–1985 Carter Smith Jr. 55C 60M

1985–1986 Donald A. McMahon 82MBA

1986–1987 Robert M. Holder Jr.

1987–1988 John R. Harrison

1988–1989 George Berry

1989–1990 John Wieland

1990–1991 Arthur M. Blank

1991–1992 Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore 71L

1992–1993 Jay L. Levine

1993–1994 John F. Morgan 67Ox 69B

1994–1995 George D. Overend 64C

1995–1996 Evelyn G. Ullman

1996–1997 Cecil M. Phillips

1997–1998 Clyde Rodbell 49B

1998–1999 Mark C. West

1999–2000 Clarence H. Ridley

2000–2001 Lloyd T. Whitaker 52Ox 54C 61L

2001–2002 Norberto Sanchez

2002–2003 Jeffrey C. Levy

2003–2004 Michael B. Russell

2004–2005 Mary Rose Taylor

2005–2006 James E. McGean 85C

2006–2007 Douglas R. Hooker 87MBA

2007–2008 Melanie M. Platt 75C 85L

2008–2009 Carlos Diaz

2009–2011 Kevin D. Kell 75Ox 77C

2011–2013 Brooke T. Weinmann

2013–2014 Howard F. Elkins

2014–2015 Kenneth W. Saffold

2015–2017 Megan W. McCamey 01T

2017–2018 Audrey L. Jacobs

2018–2019 L. Tom Gay

2019–2020 Eileen K. Scherberger

2020–2021 Norman M. Brothers Jr. 92L

John D. Abernathy III 59B

Stacey Y. Abrams

Duane Ackerman

Eula L. Adams

Jeffrey P. Adams

Joanna Moseley Adams 66C

David Adelman

Anurag Agnihotri

Bradley L. Alexander 06G

Elaine B. Alexander

Miles J. Alexander 52C

Pam Alexander

Frederick L. Allen III

Inman Allen

David Allen 66C 70D 75D

Lisa C. Allen 01B

David B. Allman

David E. Altig

Cassandra Anderson-Littlejohn

James D. Anderson

Michael K. Anderson 98MBA

Paul H. Anderson Jr. 75L

Paul H. Anderson Sr. 38C 40L

Bonneau Ansley Jr. 67L

Tina P. Arbes

Shan Arora 96C 99L

Richard Armstrong

Robert J. Arogeti

Jake F. Aronov

Yetty Levenson Arp

Marvin S. Arrington 67L

Thomas J. Asher

Frederick G. Assaf

George W. P. Atkins Jr.

Merriell Autrey Jr.

Bruce W. Baber

Richard J. Bagby 62C 66M

Patricia Babuka

Ellen Agnor Bailey 63C 87B

Weldon Baird

Thurbert E. Baker 79L

Maria Balais

Carolyn H. Baldwin

Steven Ballaban

James S. Balloun

Joseph R. Bankoff

Zuma Lindsey Banks 72C

Benjamin C. Bao

Gregory T. Baranco

John Bare

Robert C. Barger

Jennifer B. Barlament 95C

John R. Barmeyer

Patricia T. Barmeyer

Roger Barnette Jr. 98MBA

Karl W. Barnes

Roy E. Barnes

Frank Barron Jr.

Gerald L. Bartels

Sharon Bartels

Eugene T. Barwick

William Bath

Lola E. Battle

Michael W. Baumgartner

Tamara A. Bazzle 70C

Mary E. Bear

Thomas V. Beard

Dorothy Toth Beasley

Jacquelyn M. Belcher

Clifford A. Bell 46Ox 50C

Griffin B. Bell Jr. 69L

Mark R. Bell II

Susan R. Bell

Leo Benatar

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield

Gus Bennett

Jan K. Bennett

Eddy Benoit Jr.

Mary T. Benton

Donna P. Bergeson

Barry N. Berlin

Justin F. Berman

Dennis Berry

George Berry

Jeremy T. Berry 97C 03L

Robert L. Berry 68C

Paula Lawton Bevington

Treacy Beyer

Paul F. Bianchi

Veronica Biggins

Joyce Bihary

Marshall Binford 56C

K. Kermit Birchfield Jr.

Michael Bivens

Dameron Black III

Beverly Blake

Elizabeth K. Blake

Arthur M. Blank

Kenneth L. Blank

Stephanie V. Blank

Stephanie S. Blomeyer

Renay Blumenthal

Issac Blythers

Suzanne E. Boas

John W. Boatright

Thomas E. Boland 56C

Carl Bolch Jr.

Bill Bolling

Marcia V. Bolster

Merritt S. Bond 59C

Moses Bond 59C

Scott Bonder 95L

Jennifer C. Bonnett

Claude H. Booker 55MBA

James R. Borders

Lisa M. Borders

Luz Borrero

Genevieve T. Bos

Henry L. Bowden Jr. 74L

Jeanne J. Bowden 77L

Laura Bowen 56C

Ralph W. Bower

Nancy Anne Boxill

William H. Bradley 65C

John M. Bragg

Elizabeth Branch 94L

Travis Brannon Jr. 52L

Milton W. Brannon

Armin G. Brecher 66C

Katharine D. Bremer

Charles M. Brewer

William H. Brewster 84C 84G

Jeffrey H. Brickman 89L

Lisa F. Brill

Ronald M. Brill

Mary R. Brock

James C. Brooks Jr. 86AMP

Marva Jones Brooks

Jackson Brown Jr. 63C

Robert L. Brown Jr.

Amanda Brown-Olmstead

Patrick C. Buckley

Coleman Budd 50B

Margaret R. Buker 81L

Rodney D. Bullard

Franklin L. Burke Jr.

Annie Hunt Burriss

Marvin W. Bussey

Alfred M. Byrd

Anna R. Cablik

Susan A. Cahoon 68C

Marnite B. Calder

Lisa M. Calhoun

Mark C. Callaway

Susan N. Callaway

Asa G. Candler V 52C

Wesley E. Cantrell Sr.

Dan Carithers

Milton A. Carlton Jr. 61C 63L

David M. Carroll

James B. Carson Jr. 61B

Jason Carter

Andrea J. Casson 88BBA 93MBA

Alvin B. Cates Jr.

Anne Cox Chambers

Peter E. Chang

Edward Owens Chapman 81MBA

Robert E. Chappell Jr. 56Ox 58B 68MBA

Pin Pin Chau

Asha N. Chaudhary 01BBA

Susana Maria Chavez

William H. Cheney 51C

Donald Childress

Carolyn Childs

Bryan C. Chitwood 03B

Harold O. Chitwood

Ray R. Christman

Mary Winifred Cilella

Cynthia H. “C” Clanton

Thomas Hal Clarke

William Clarkson IV

Ann Claypool

William A. Clement Jr.

John L. Clendenin

Barbara T. Cleveland

Milton Clipper Jr.

Peter W. Cobb

Tiffany K. Cochran

William L. Cohen 64C

Halli D. Cohn 90L

Brenda H. Cole 77L

David A. Cole

Rodes M. Cole 91OX 93C

Jeffrey F. Coleman

Henry T. Collinsworth Jr. 52C

Annette Cone Skelton

Kristin Connor

Matthew Conner

Clarence Cooper 67L

Carol Z. Cooper

Thomas O. Cordy

Charles H. Cornelius

Ada Lee Correll

Lynda B. Courts

Brad Courts

Ann Cousins

Thomas G. Cousins

Cathy Cox

Danah C. Craft

Ann Wilson Cramer

John H. Crawford

Ann A. Crichton

Edward S. Croft III

Michael Crow

James F. Crowder Jr. 61C

Donna Culler

Alexander B. Cummings

Bradley Currey Jr.

Anderson Currie 80D

Ken E. Curtis

David K. Dabbiere

Harold T. Daniel Jr. 63Ox 65C 69L

Louisa G. D'Antignac

John M. Darden III

L. Davidson III

Elizabeth Davis

Peter David 96B

Stephanie Davis

Winifred Davis

Stephen A. Dawkins

Harold A. Dawson Jr.

Clark H. Dean

Sally A. Dean

Barbara K. deButts

Richard T. deMayo 71C 74L

Walter M. Deriso Jr. 68C 72L

Sam DeSimone

Carlos I. Diaz

Rene M. Diaz

Sylvia Looney Dick

Gordon L. Dickens III 73Ox 75C

Jeffrey D. Dickerson

Patricia L. Dickey

Margaret C. Dickson 83MBA

Mary Grace Diehl

Chester W. Diercks Jr.

Bob E. Dies

Hinton Dillard

Edward J. Dillon

Marie Dodd

James J. Doherty Jr.

Odie C. Donald

Larry I. Dorfman

Scott D. Dorfman

Hattie Dorsey

Joseph B. Doyle

Sara Lynn Doyle

Vivian Noble DuBose

Von A. DuBose

Karen I. Duckett

Eugene J. Duffy

Jeffrey R. DuFresne

Jodi G. DuFresne

Melissa Dugan

Charles Duncan Jr.

Daniel M. DuPree

Dennis Durden

James F. Durrett III

Frazer Durrett Jr. 52C

John D. Durrett 73L

Lucretia Durrett

Brian G. Dyson

David E. Easterly

Margot J. Eckman

James C. Edenfield

Elizabeth Edge

Robert G. Edge

Angela Edmond

Joseph Edwards 54Ox 56B 58MBA

James D. Edwards

James J. Edwards, Jr. 87B

William L. Effinger III

Gerald E. Eickhoff

Sandra El-Amin

Howard F. Elkins

James Elliott 63C 66L

Gregory C. Ellison Sr.

Noni Ellison-Southall

Alan Elsas

Nancy Elsas

Michael V. Elsberry 74L

Edward E. Elson 59L

Suzanne Elson

Julia V. Emmons 73G 84G

Thomas M. English 73T

Catharine A. Enright 77C

Elise Eplan

Gail H. Evans

Keith A. Evans

Orinda D. Evans 68L

Randall K. Evans 79B

William Farr III

Sherry N. Farrugia

Edwin J. Feiler Jr.

Jane A. Feiler 80MBA

Stephen Felker

James L. Ferman Jr. 65B

Bruce C. Fernald

Elizabeth E. Finnerty

Paul Fireman

Scott Fisher

Emile T. Fisher 52D

William J. Fisher Jr.

David P. Fitzgerald

James A. Fleming

Joycelyn L. Fleming

David H. Flint 71L

Stephen M. Forte 80L

John D. Foster

Sara A. Fountain

Cindy Fowler

Dean Fowler 55Ox 57C

Robert R. Fowler III

David A. Fox

Allen Franklin

Russell R. French 67C

Ronald R. Frost 59

Betty Fuller 47G

Marce Fuller

Marvin F. Gade

Don Gaebelein

Tom Gallagher

David H. Gambrell

Humberto J. Garcia-Sjogrim 02B

Mary Ellen Garrett

William J. Garrett

Anne Elizabeth Gaston 55M

Harper Gaston 52C 55M

William W. Gaston

Tom Gay

Sharon A. Gay 82L

Michael Gearon 58C

Scott Geller

Larry L. Gellerstedt III

George E. George

Nelson Geter

Joan Wearn Gilbert 71B

Charles B. Ginden 55C

Venus Gines

Sally Gladden

Lou Glenn

Robert J. Glenn

Roosevelt Giles

Gregory J. Giornelli

John T. Glover 68C

Renee Lewis Glover

Rebecca Godbey 93C

Robert C. Goddard III

Hipolito M. Goico 95L

Matthew L. Gold 64C

Jonathan Golden

Laurie Ann Goldman

Scott C. Goodman

Daniel L. Gordon 99C 05MBA

Henry W. Grady III

Britt C. Grant

John T. Grant Jr.

Cothan C. Graves Jr.

William M. Graves

Bernard Gray

David H. Gray

Charles H. Green

Hix H. Green Jr.

Holcombe T. Green Jr.

Kevin Green 89L

Nancy H. Green

Donald R. Greene

Ernest L. Greer

James Stephen Grien

James G. Grosklaus

Thomas Gross 42B

Beverly Gunderson

Bruce C. Gunter

Robert P. Guyton

David F. Haddow 75C

Yvette J. Hagins

Dana H. Halberg

Sheffield Hale

Roger W. Hale

Augusta H. Hall Jr.

Mrs. William H. Hamm

Michael E. Hancock 78L

Harald R. Hansen

Jane G. Hardesty

Allen S. “Bo” Hardin Jr.

Hill Hardman

John B. Hardman

Laura J. Hardman 67C

Marvin Hardy III 61Ox 63C 66L

Gulshan Harjee 82M

Robert S. Harkey 63C 65L

Jerome Harris

John D. Harris

John S. Harris

Oscar L. Harris

William E. Harris 54C

Lash Harrison 62B 65L

John R. Harrison

Pegram Harrison

Carl R. Hartrampf III 77C 80L

Glenda A. Hatchett 77L

Rawson Haverty Jr.

Verne Hawes

Barrett K. Hawks 60C 63L

Kitty Hawks

Sam B. Hay Jr.

Melita Easters Hayes

Ralph L. Haynes 70M 74MR

Louis A. Hazouri Jr.

William J. Hearn

Michael Heekin

George T. Heery

Laura M. Heery

William C. Helms

James P. Hendrix Jr.

Charles Henn Jr. 95C

Virginia A. Hepner

Douglas J. Hertz

Steven J. Heyer

Neil H. Hightower

Ayanna Hill-Gill

James C. Hill 48L

Richard Hiller

Thomas D. Hills 65C 70L

Joseph H. Hilsman III

Leone Ackerly Hinzman

Deva Hirsch

Helen K. Ho 99L

Charles E. Hoff

Judson B. Hodges Jr. 72T 91T

Richard E. Hodges Jr. 50C

Ronald P. Hogan

John R. Holder

Robert M. Holder Jr.

Thomas M. Holder

Donna H. Holladay

Sam C. Holliday

Ruth Holmberg

Hamilton E. Holmes Jr.

J. Holmes

Douglas R. Hooker 87 MBA

Larry B. Hooks 65C 68L

Ann Hooper 70C 72N

William A. Horne

Harry C. Howard 55L

John C. Howard 67Ox 69C 73D

Barrett Howell 49C

Angela Hsu

Anderson Huber

Samuel E. Hudgins

Fontaine M. Huey

Walter S. Huff Jr.

William E. Huger III

Robert T. Hughes

Timothy W. Hughes

Young T. Hughley Jr.

Stell Huie 52C 53L

Phillip Humann

Rebecca Ericsson Hunter

Theodore M. Hutcheson Jr.

Conley Ingram 49C 51L

Abby C. Irby

William H. Izlar III

Ira Jackson Jr.

Jane Jackson 83C

Phyllis M. Jackson

Richard D. Jackson

Audrey L. Jacobs

Phil Jacobs

Frank D. James

Katrina Jensen

James M. Jeter 68B

Emerson Johnson III

J. Johnson

Benjamin F. Johnson III 65C

Claire W. Johnson

Donald E. Johnson 61D

Edwina C. Johnson

Erik S. Johnson 98C

Joia M. Johnson

Juan D. Johnson

Thomas H. Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Arthur W. Johnston

Lynn H. Johnston 50Ox 52B

Cecile M. Jones

David B. Jones

Harrison Jones II

Kimberly D. Jones

Milton H. Jones Jr.

Rufus E. Jones Jr.

Thomas D. Jones

Vernon A. Jones

Valary Voyles Jordan

Carlton E. Joyce 86C

Elizabeth Joyner

Anne H. Kaiser

Robert W. Kamerschen

Larry E. Kaminsky 61B

Mark A. Kauffman

Raymond L. Kuniasnsky Jr.

Michael S. Karlin

Monica Kaufman

Terry Kay

Derreck Kayongo

Maritza Soto Keen

Kevin D. Kell 75Ox 77C

Lisa Clarke Keller

Blaine Kelley Jr.

James F. Kelley

Sylvia Sanders Kelley

Thomas Kemper

James C. Kennedy

Stephen G. Kennedy

Michael L. Keough

John W. Kercher III

Richard C. Kessler

Gwen R. Keyes 93L

Noel F. Khalil

Ayesha Khanna

Paul T. Kim

Dena B. Kimball 93C

Richard H. Kimberly

Walter L. Kimbrough

Jessica Kirkwood

Dorothy Yates Kirkley 71L

Sidney Kirschner

Clifford M. Kirtland Jr.

Lawrence P. Klamon

Douglas Kniskern 68C 74L

Carl W. Knobloch Jr.

Wyckliffe A. Knox Jr.

Joel M. Koblentz

Amy Rollins Kreisler

Mani Krishnaswamy

Raymond L. Kuniansky

Barbara Bell Lance 77B

David J. Lance Sr. 74Ox 76B

Lynne Land

James B. Langford Jr.

Bryan D. Langton

Elizabeth K. Lanier

Julie Lanier

Robert E. Lanier

Liz A. Lapidus

Meredith Leapley

Brian M. Leary

Gary Lee

Marisa M. Lee

Richard H. Leet

John N. Lemasters

Craig S. Lesser

Bruce E. Le’Vell

Liane Levetan

Elaine L. Levin

Elizabeth J. Levine

Jeffrey C. Levy

Valerie Hartman-Levy

David C. Lewis

Raymond Lewis Jr.

"Chuck" Lewis

Marc J. Lewyn

Jeannie Lin

Steven D. Linowes

Deborah Kuryk Liss

William J. Liss

Doris H. Lockerman

Eddie L. Long

Robert R. Long

Wilton Looney

Dax E. Lopez

Patricia A. Lottier 84MPH

Eric V. Lu 95C

Jack J. Luchese

Diya M. Luke

Dana M. Lupton

Kevin M. Lyman

Renelda E. Mack

Allen G. Macris 48C 52M

Meghan Magruder 80C 83L

Fify Manan

Faye Manderson

Bernard Marcus

Jonathan Marigliano 96L

David A. Martin

Joseph G. Martin Jr.

Karol V. Mason

Sam Massell

Steve Massell

Lewis A. Massey

Allen Mast

Mary Pat Matheson

Kent Matlock

Barbara L. Matthews

Joseph M. Mauriello

Teodoro B. Maus

John C. Mayoue 79L

Megan W. McCamey 01T

William F. McCargo

Melody T. McCloud 85MR

William O. McCoy

Celeste McCollough 79C

Bobbie McCrackin 80PhD

Robert F. McCullough

Michael J. McDevitt 67C 75D

Mark C. McDonald 79C

Michael G. McDonald

Michael H. McDougald 52C

Harry M. McFarling III 76C 80M 84MR

James E. McGean 85C

Brian P. McGowan

John W. McIntyre Jr.

Paul M. McLarty Jr. 63C 66L

Harold McKenzie

Kay McKenzie

Ruth B. McLarty

Marlene Y. MacLeish

Robert C. McMahan

Thomas R. McNeill 77L

Penelope McPhee

Rebecca H. McQueen 76C 79MPH

Charles H. McTier 61B

Margaret R. McTier

Sheryl B. Meddin 76C

Stuart L. Meddin 73C

Dena R. Mellick 05T

Peter E. Merritt

Todd C. Meyers 91L

Peter Michelson

Harmon B. Miller III 57C

Guy W. Millner

Caroline S. Minter

Ashish H. Mistry 98C

Ceasar C. Mitchell

R. Mitchell Jr.

Hala Moddelmog

James D. Mola

Jackie Montag

James L. Montag 58C

David Moody Jr.

Mary S. Moore

Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore 71L

John F. Morgan 67Ox 69B

Mary Lynn Morgan 43D

Marla S. Moore

Mary S. Moore

Betty Nunn Mori 58C

John S. Mori 94MBA

Shinji Morokuma

Lee Morris III 76L

Hampton Morris

Greg Morrison

Emory L. Morsberger 77C

Charles D. Moseley Jr.

Sigmund Mosley Jr. 66Ox 68B

William R. Moseley Jr.

Harold Moses

Ray D. Moses

Robert L. Moultrie 59Ox

Homer E. Moyer Jr. 64C

Pratap Mukharji

Charles B. Murphy Jr.

Cheryl Seavey Murphy 77N

Sean Murphy 88C

David E. Nahmias

Amol Naik 05L

V. Nalley III

Vir Nanda

James V. Napier

Bernard N. Neal Jr. 50B

Susan E. Neugent 85G

Allen W. Nelson

Randy L. New 76C 82L

Chauncey R. Newsome 99T

Eddy G. Nicholson

Lewis Nix

Bertil D. Nordin

Christopher Nunn 96C

Michelle Nunn

Stephan D. Nygren

John O’Callaghan

Galen L. Oelkers

Robert M. O’Hara

Daniel E. O’Leary

Samuel S. Olens 83L

Mary Margaret Oliver 72L

Michael Orkin

Sanford H. Orkin

Robert B. Ormsby

John K. Ottley Jr.

George D. Overend 64C

Thomas H. Pacer

John Robert Paddison 49B

Victoria Palefsky

Bernard Palmer

Charles F. Palmer 86L

Beth H. Paradies 89L

Parthiv Parekh

Sanjay Parekh 06MBA

Elena C. Parent

Sunny K. Park

Richard C. Parker

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Karen E. Webster Parks

William C. Pate

Dennis Patterson

Marianna R. Patterson 61C

Solon P. Patterson 57B 58MBA

G. Pattillo

Lynn Pattillo 87MBA

Robert A. Pattillo

Rebecca Paul

Michael E. Paulhus

James M. Peck

Carol D. Penn 59C

Robert G. Pennington 74Ox 76C 81L 81MBA

Victor D. Pentz

Ralph Perales

Patrice Perkins-Hooker 84B 84L

Frederick P. Perpall

Claude G. Perry Jr.

Linda Perry

Chandler Peterson 66C 71L

Larry D. Peterson

Robert E. Peterson

Parker H. Petit

Alicia Philipp 75C

Cecil M. Phillips

Donald R. Phoenix

Maritza Pichon

Joseph J. Plumeri III

Michael Polak

Jan P. Pomerantz 75L

Daniel V. Pompilio III 98B

Ewell G. Pope Jr.

John C. Portman Jr.

M. Prado

Astrid Y. Pregel

David A. Preter

Helen Price

Larry L. Prince

Pamela C. Pryor 69C 70G

A. Pulver

Neal Purcell 61Ox 63B

Denise A. Quarles

Roger K. Quillen

Eugene M. Rackley III 55Ox 58B

Valerie Rahmani

Thomas N. Rains 80MBA

Palaniswamy Rajan

Sybil C. Ralston

Kanchana Raman 12B

Olga Goizueta Rawls 77C 80L

Walker L. Ray 65C 65M 68MR

Dell Peek Rearden

Shyam K. Reddy 96C 97PH

Kasim Reed

Alexis Scott Reeves

Robert S. Reeves 66C 69L

Todd M. Rehn 93C

Albert P. Reichert Jr. 61C

Richard L. Remy

Meridith L. Rentz 97B 97PH

Clare Richardson

Spurgeon Richardson

Raymond Riddle

Eleanor H. Ridley 74L

Joseph A. Riedel Jr.

William O. Riley

Lucie Rivera-O’Ferrall

Susan Stubbs Robert 67Ox 69C

J. Robinson 77B

John E. Robinson

Sidney Rodbell

Thomas J. Roeck Jr.

B. Rogers Jr.

John D. Rogers

Patricia A. Rogers 98T

William H. Rogers Jr.

Arthur W. Rollins

Danielle Rollins

Margaret H. Rollins

Timothy C. Rollins

William A. Rooker Jr.

Teresa Wynn Roseborough

Paula G. Rosput

Catherine L. Ross

Kevin A. Ross 80L

Don M. Royster Sr.

David Rubinger

Shayla Rumely 79L

Coretha M. Rushing

Lovette T. Russell

Michael B. Russell

Ferrell S. Ryan

Hoyle Rymer 68MBA

Kenneth W. Saffold

Norberto Sanchez

Harriet Sanford

Craig E. Savage

Beth S. Schapiro 77G 79PhD

Eileen K. Scherberger

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Margaret W. Scott 03L

Sally Sears

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Ben Shapiro 64C 67L

Paddy R. Sharma

Clayton W. Shepherd

William Clyde Shepherd III

Patricia W. Showell

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Horace H. Sibley

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Beth H. Tyler 70C 84L

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Pat Upshaw-Monteith

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Ralitsa Vassileva

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Alvin W. Vogtle Jr.

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Wesley H. Wachob 76T 93PhD

Beverly Jo "BJ" Walker

Cecil L. Walker

Edmund J. Wall

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Elaine Rogers Walsh 88L

Michael E. Walsh 88C 02B

Bette Walton

Jacquelyn M. Ward

John F. Ward

Carl Ware

Holland M. Ware

Glenn D. Warren

John B. Warren Jr. 59B

William C. Warren III 53B

Paula Greenfield

Washington 95G

Virginia T. Watkins

Gil Watson 71T

Welcom H. Watson

Charlotte W. Weaver

Brooke T. Weinmann

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John H. Weitnauer Jr.

Jacqueline M. Welch

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Betsy B. West

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James G. Wetrich 09MBA

Lloyd T. Whitaker 52Ox 54C 61L

Homer W. Whitman Jr.

C. Whitney

John Wieland

Mary Kay Wilcox

James H. Wildman

Joseph M. Wilen

Stephen M. Wilks 72M

Angela H. Williams

Richard Williams

James B. Williams 55C

John Williams

Loraine Williams

Randi Williams

Sam A. Williams

Sue S. Williams

Bradley J. Wilson

Bruce B. Wilson 55B

James H. Wilson III 78L

Mark Wilson

James E. Winchester Jr.

Joni Winston

Juliana M. Winters 77L

Janice Wittschiebe

Charles R. Wolf

Li K. Wong

Jenner Wood III

Thomas H. Wood

Richard Woodruff

Robert R. Woodson

Dom H. Wyant

Ellen Adair Wyche 77C

Goodloe H. Yancey III

Comer Yates 74C 82L

Chang Bin Yim

Lynnette W. Young

David Yu

Sam Zamarripa

Kathy Ziegler

James M. Zimmerman

Timothy W. Zulawski

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Deep Ethics in the Age of Moral Machines

Speaker: Raymond F. Schinazi, Distinguished Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics; Director, Center for Ethics

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Going Beyond Business as Usual: Goizueta Business School's Start:ME Program Builds Neighborhood Vitality in Atlanta


Wesley Longhofer, associate professor of organization and management at Goizueta

Brian Goebe, managing director of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Between History and Memory: African American Collections and the Importance of Telling Our Stories

Speaker: Pellom McDaniels III, Curator of African American Collections, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Thursday, January 23, 2020
Noon to 2 p.m.

Tour of the Emory Brain Health Center

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Conversation with Jan Love, interim provost and executive vice president for academic affairs


Questions regarding the Emory University Board of Visitors or its programming should be addressed to:

Joan M. Gershon
Director, Corporate Engagement
Office of Corporate Relations

Emory University
1762 Clifton Road
Mailstop 0970-001-9AA
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Phone: 404.727.4497

Email: joan.gershon@emory.edu